Luxury Remy Hair

We are not just another hair extension company. There are many hair companies out there, but what sets us apart?

  • Women founded in 2018.

  • Masterfully + ethically sourced insuring luxury quality for you and your clients.

  • We do not use just one method of installation. We believe each stylist brings their own customized experience with our hair.

  • 25 custom blended shades for endless looks.

  • Pure Luxury Quality. Wears for several months with proper care. Check out our hair care guide.

  • Superb Customer Service Including: color matching, fast shipping, returns accepted, local delivery.

  • Payment Plans Available.

  • Wholesale Accounts Available.

What the People are saying


"I only buy hair from you bc I know your

hair and trust it"


"My client was just complementing
how well her hair is worn
compared to any other brand"


"I love how well your hair holds up and has such consistency! You color options are right up my alley recently!!"


"I'm so happy with my most
recent hair! Thank you for the
confidence your hair gives me
and helps makes me feel


"I would recommend this hair to any stylist, amazing quality."


"I will refer everyone I know. Thank You! I love it!"


"All the hair from Lotus + June is top quality and super chic!"